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Rachel Ireland

I share guidance and inspiration for turning your ideas into impact and making a difference in your community.

I write under three core topic headings:

Your purpose

Embracing your big ideas, identifying your priorities, organising your time, and looking after yourself in the process.

Your plan

Defining what you’re trying to achieve and the most effective way to get there, then working and volunteering for causes that matter to you.

Your project

Starting, running and funding your community group, charity or social enterprise, measuring impact and planning for long-term success.

3 ways to get started


If you’re at the early stages of setting up a community group, charity or social enterprise, you can find all of my free resources here.


Service Name

If you are based in Kirklees and have been referred to me by Third Sector Leaders Kirklees (TSL), you can book a funded 1-1 call here.


Service Name

Established charities and social enterprises looking for strategy and fundraising support can find out about my consultancy packages here.

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