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The Creative Map CIC

Through The Creative Map we deliver activities that centre around health, employability and positive lifestyle choices by using creative tools for change, empowering people to turn their creativity and passion into positive social impact. 

We work specifically with:

  • Those facing social isolation and loneliness including older people living alone.

  • Those struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, in recovery from addictive behaviour or experiencing significant change such as separation, job loss or bereavement.

  • Members of the BAME & LGBTQ+ communities who suffer from discrimination, equality or lack access to core services.

  • Individuals at risk of offending, including ex-offenders.


The Con-sequence programme began in Bradford over ten years ago to deliver positive, diversionary activities for young people at risk of offending. It has since expanded to Kirklees and the wider West Yorkshire area. The project seeks to engage young people using activities that centre around health, creativity and employability.

Creative Tools

These activities are designed to help people reconnect to their identity, increase their self-confidence, clarify their goals and make positive changes in their life. Participants often progress into self-employment, adult learning, or a new career.

Idea to Impact

Training & mentoring for people interested in turning their creativity and passion into a successful not-for-profit or social impact business.

"You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it."
- Robin Williams

Arfan 'Naz' Naseer


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Debbie Mann


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